U Zpevacku Restaurant Prague Center

Our kitchen is open every day, including weekends, from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Salmon tartare flavored by us… 178, - CZK
Marinated cherry tomatoes with mozzarella, celery and olive oil… 128, - CZK
Appetizer variations for 2 people… 248 CZK

Duck liver in red wine, with marjoram, grilled apple and toast… CZK 133
Fried cheese with homemade tartar sauce… 117, - CZK
Potato pancakes with roasted fresh baby spinach and cheese… 97, - CZK

Festive creamy kulajda with mushrooms and scrambled egg… CZK 75
Strong garlic with meat, groats and bread croutons… 68, - CZK
According to the daily menu… CZK 55

Beef tartare steak - (150g) to taste on request, toast ... 218, -CZK
Homemade sausage with vinegar and onion (150g)… 97, - CZK
Grilled Davel sausage… 118, - CZK
Devil's toast with cheddar ... 118, -CZK
Baked nachos tortilla chips with cheddar, jalapeno peppers, olives and red shallots ... 121, -CZK
Drowned with onions ... 92, -CZK
Cheese marinated in olive oil with slices of garlic, chilli and onion, garnished with olives… 128, - CZK
Cheese plate ... 146, -CZK
Large lined bowl… CZK 378

"Elisa" salad - a variation of salads with grilled goat cheese on honey toast, saffron dressing… 198, - CZK
"Farmer's salad" - A mixture of lettuce, fried cheese nuggets, Farmer's dressage, cherry tomatoes, capers… 192, - CZK
"Bumbrdlíček" salad - grilled chicken breast, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cheese, corn, eggs, dressing… CZK 177

"Di Winnie" with pork tenderloin, red shallots, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, butter and parmesan… 187, - CZK
"After the charcoal" with English bacon, ham, garlic, eggs and rice ... 165, -CZK

Special offer of the day - chef's specialty, information from the staff ... 355, -CZK
Old Bohemian Bastion - duck leg, roast pork ribs, Davel sausage, cabbage, homemade dumplings ... 398, -CZK
Potato cones with mushrooms and rabbit - with demi-glace sauce, softened cream and parsley ... 218, -CZK
Festive beef sirloin in cream, homemade dumplings ... 219, -
Roast duck leg on apples, homemade dumplings, cabbage ... 238, -
Grilled chicken breast with thyme and Black Forest ham with grilled vegetables and herb dip ... 218, -CZK
Chicken steak in herb-hazelnut crust with butter sauce of honey, orange, ginger and rum Reoublica, croquettes (200g)… 215, - CZK
Pork tenderloin skewer in English bacon, stuffed with cheese, plum sauce, french fries… 248, - CZK
Pepper steak (200g)… CZK 355. - (300g)… CZK 547
Beef tenderloin, french fries
Medallions "Emperor of the Lord" from v. Doll baked on the grill, served with forest mushroom sauce, croquettes ... 218, -
Farm pan - pork tenderloin medallions, beans, bacon, mushrooms, fresh herbs, potato pancakes .. 218, -
Old Bohemian plate of Charles IV. - baked neck steak, roasted beans with onion and bacon, cabbage salad, baked potatoes with garlic, cheese and fresh parsley (200g)… 238, - CZK
Fried chicken cutlets - mashed potatoes, coleslaw, cucumber (200g)… 238, - CZK

Grilled salmon fillet with cherry tomatoes, slices of garlic, capers, herbs and grilled olive oil (200g)… 277, - CZK

Spelled flour pancakes with homemade jam, chocolate icing and whipped cream… 87, - CZK
Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, decorated with chocolate icing 85, - CZK
Ice cream sundae with whipped cream and chocolate icing ... 85, -CZK
Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream… 83, - CZK
Homemade pie… 55, -CZK - / 75, -CZK

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